Multiple strengh, one team

The team of HRS GmbH consists of 15 employees with various qualifications.

Our employees are tax consultants, lawyers, assistant tax consultants and accountants, most of whom have been working for our company for many years and possess a great scope of professional experience.With their dedicated work they create an atmosphere of trusting cooperation.

Modern business processes and the smooth flow of internal communication are a matter of course at our offices.

We continously offer trainee positions, to ensure that we will continue to have thoroughly and comprehensively trained employees. Management and employees undergo regular further training – not only in the field of taxes – to be capably prepared for fiscal, business and legal changes.

Our team strives for constant improvement in order to carry out comprehensive, sound and competent consulting services

We employ specially trained qualified personnel who are also able to translate our services to your native language, in writing as well as verbally. This facilitates communication between client and tax consultant and helps to avoid misunderstandings during processing.

At present we are able to offer this special service for the languages English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Polish.